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The Most Reliable GPS Car Tracking system.

Ease and affordable GPS car Tracking system in the Country.

Monitor driver behaviours

Track Drivers Behaviors Remotely

Save Fuel costs By 45%

Stop Misuses of Your Asserts at 24/7.




Our gps car Tracking  services are spreading its wings  from corporate to small  business clients across Africa .We have been in GPS car tracking  and  fleet management  business for more than  5 years now.

This business has experienced a dramatic increasing in client base and number of vehicles tracked in recent years.The secrete  behind  this success  is providing a comprehensive and tailored services to each of our client.

We offer an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your business fleet. Our GPS Car  tracking and fleet management solution allows you to effectively monitor your entire fleet with real time tracking.

The iTRAK  GPS Car tracking system and thorough reporting not only tells you where your vehicles are but they also provide full access to critical fleet data and performance metrics live with reports exportable in PDF  or EXCEL  comprising number of stops, Details of the Trips , distance report, trip report, fuel details,over speed, tampering and live alerts.

Secure your Car with Android & IOS smart phone at affordable price.

  • Real time Car Location.
  • Turn Engine ON/OFF Remotely.
  • Alerts on leave/Arrival .
  • Overspeed.
  • Daily trip reports.Auto reminder for car services and Maintenances due date.

    The system detect tank fuel level at real time as well as the location and time.

  • Reports on Fuel refilling with time and location filled.
  • Fuel theft, fuel consumption etc.
  • Instant Alerts in a case of fuel refilling or Fuel theft with the amount and location event happened.
  • iTRAK Car Tracking & Fleet Management System.

    The system that Boost up your Business.

    Vehicle Tracking with 5 or 10 second position updates! speed, ignition status, historical playback, trip reporting, alerts and more.

    iTRAK Gps Car Tracking system monitor every fuel drop with about 98% accuracy.

    No More Unauthorized usages.!

    This system updating at real time mode such that all the trucks can be visible anytime.

    The GPS car Tracking for your Unique Needs.

    iTRAK   GPS  Car Tracking Solutions provides answers which  fit your  business needs.

    Our culture  based on   "not one size fits all” approach ,being  customized  to  meet  your specific sector's  needs . We have services  for

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